The Life Change Changes Lives workshop and store in Downpatrick

About us

LCCL provide services to help people overcome their mental health issues, social isolation and addiction by offering a warm and welcoming environment for everyone of any age and any background

Life Change Changes Lives supports people struggling with mental ill health and addiction. We want to improve the quality of peoples’ physical, mental and social wellbeing by providing accessible support.

The support that LCCL provides is encapsulated in three ways, creative therapy, counselling and by building self-esteem through selling finished, upcycled products through the Social Enterprise shop.

Talking can help with so many difficult life problems, at LCCL we provide the opportunity to talk to a trained counsellor in confidence.

Are you feeling Anxious? Do you feel that you are depressed? Do you have difficulty with alcohol or drugs? Is your home/work life causing your stress? Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationships?

Have you considered talking therapy? We provide a safe and confidential environment where you can talk openly about your feelings, emotions and personal struggles, and to help you to gain a better understanding of your own feelings and thought processes, helping you to find solutions to these problems without any judgement or criticism..

Who we are

This project was formulated by Manus and Ailish Teague following visits to their son in New York. While they were staying with their son, he asked them to upcycle a table and it wasn’t long before Fionnbharr and his friends got involved in the painting.

Over the two week visit, more and more people joined, painting nearly every piece of furniture in the apartment. Manus and Ailish were intrigued to see the young people, from various backgrounds, talking and sharing experiences openly.

The pre-occupation of the painting meant that the young people were better able to openly talk about issues they were experiencing in their lives, as the main focus was on the painting, not themselves. Inspired by this experience, Manus and Ailish resolved to set up a similar service, to provide a similar experience and support for those who need it most.