Life Change Changes Lives and their Pop Up Art Project gives people a reason to get out of bed in the morning providing creative therapy, peer mentoring and counselling. It is a place to express yourself and the opportunity to have a purpose, boost self-esteem and become part of a family. Unlike other mental health services, LCCL is a place that allows you to let go and transform your life and be part of a family.

How it works?
We start with rejuvenating furniture donated to the project which was otherwise destined for landfill with the philosophy that whilst you are upscaling the furniture and renewing it and giving it a new life you give the piece purpose and you also rebuild your own self in the process. Essentially taking nothing and making something out of it can effect the same change in you. Every piece has a story to tell, a story about people’s lives affected by mental ill health and addiction but on the road to recovery.

Who we help?
People like Jean. She joined the Pop Up Art programme after suffering from depression, paranoia and anxiety and socially isolated herself in fear of judgement. Painting this folk art piece gave Jean confidence and now never feels judged but feels part of a family. “Painting relaxes me, and I become engrossed in my projects which distracts me from negative thinking.” Picture of piece.

How YOU help?
You can buy one of our unique reformed pieces of furniture at our shop 41 Market Street, Downpatrick, BT30 6LP. Or you can donate to LCCL to raise vital funds for the initiative. It all helps to pay for tutoring, rent, materials and equipment and will ultimately help us achieve our vision to give people with mental ill health, addiction and social isolation a purpose, focus and sense of peace through creative therapy.

The three major improvements in the quality of life of our participants are found to be as follows:
• Physical Changes; Reduction in self-harm, reduction in suicidal ideations, reduction in medication
• Mental Improvement; Increase in positive thinking, greater happiness, lower stress, reduced level of fear, emotional improvements
• Social Wellbeing; More positive social relationships, reduction of additional cost to medical services, participants once again an asset to the community

Mission – The purpose of LCC is to encourage all participants to have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, increase social interaction, help regulate emotions, reduce the harm caused by alcohol and/or drug misuse and reaffirm their self-esteem. This is achieved through a combination of creative therapy, physical activity, encouraging health eating through cookery demonstrations and hospitality training, creative writing, group outings designed to expose participants to new experiences, training, counselling and peer mentoring. By means of these activities, participants rekindle their hope and passion for life, and the stigma of mental ill health recedes.

Vision – Giving people with mental ill health, addiction, suicidal ideations and social isolation a purpose, focus and sense of peace through creative therapy

Values – “This place doesn’t just change lives, it saves lives”