BACP Registered Counsellor Manus Teague

Talking can help with so many difficult life problems, at LCCL we provide the opportunity to talk to a trained counsellor in confidence.

We aim to provide an environment where you can talk openly about your feelings, emotions and personal struggles, and to help you to gain a better understanding of your own feelings and thought processes, helping you to find solutions to these problems without any judgement or criticism.

What we do?
Talking can help with many difficult life problems. Here at LCCL we endeavour to facilitate/Guide you towards improved lives and identify the skills and capability that you have because there is no such thing as a lost cause (hyper link to projects).

Why we do it?
To make your life run better, to realise your ambition, to make you happier, to become less stressed, to help you become more peaceful, sociable and fun.

What impact have you made?
We can help with alcohol, drug addiction and gambling. Therapy helps you address the causes and help you stop anger, anxiety, stress and depression.

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